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Welcome to SPY INK, a site dedicated to spy fiction, from Eric Ambler and Graham Greene to Frederick Forsyth and Robert Ludlum, including (of course) Le Carre, Deighton, Hall, Hamilton, Fleming and many others. Featured are characters such as James Bond, Matt Helm, Harry Palmer, Johnny Fedora, Jason Bourne and Quiller.
What do these works have in common?

High Adventure, Exotic Locales, Beautiful People,
Ruthless Villains, Thrilling Escapes.

Which, along with good writing and clever plotting, are essential elements for the spy fiction of any era.
Why this tribute? Call it repayment for countless hours of reading enjoyment.

There is much to be found here -- Spies in the Movies and on Television, some information on the history of espionage (Spy Encyclopedia), a Showcase for those who have written their own spy fiction, and an Exchange for those who wish to acquire (or dispose of) these novels, most of which are out of print (and some of which are becoming increasingly difficult to find.) Intel (below) provides links to current new story that might be of interest to spy thriller aficionados. Then there's the Spy Fiction Hall of Fame, launched with four charter members.
Be sure to read The Secret Exploits of Angevine Rose, my own tribute to the golden age of spy fiction.
This site focuses on the "Golden Age" of spy thrillers -- the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies -- but will include works of more recent vintage. So-called "techno-thrillers" are not included. Additional material is continually being added.
Visitor contributions are urgently needed. Suggestions, comments, criticisms, book reviews, spy fiction (you retain all rights, of course), cover scans, etc are welcomed. I need your help to make this site worthwhile. Send everything to spyink@lycos.com.


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